Photo by Sara Williams

Hey there. I’m Lydia, and I love working with words, people, and technology.

I enjoy opportunities and projects where I can use my skills in writing, editing, and computer science as well as my passion for people to make a positive difference.

In 2017, I earned my Master of Arts in professional writing and editing from West Virginia University. Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Science in professional and technical writing from Missouri State University and an Associate of Science in science and mathematics from Northwest Missouri State University through the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Computing.

My background includes grant writing, software documentation, editing, digital publishing, content management, social media marketing, technical communication, and web development. I’m always looking for projects where I can tackle challenges, learn something new, and help someone who needs it.

When I'm not learning a new language or reading a new book, you can find me talking to strangers on the street, cooking foods with pretentious ingredients, or memorizing poetry for fun.

If you have any questions about my experience or want to learn more about me, check out my résumé or contact me.